Stump Grinding


After the tree is gone an ugly stump is left. Some people try to camouflage the stump by placing a plant on top of it, others just try to ignore it. If it bothers you, give us a call, we can grind it out below the grade, fill in it with shredded topsoil and seed the area or we could plant a new tree so you'll forget that a stump was even there, just give us a call 513-201-7352. 


Why removing your stump is important?


Tree stumps can be hazardous and ugly

You will regain valuable lawn area.

We don't use nasty chemicals, which can be dangerous for pets or children

After grinding the stump, the process leaves behind wood shavings—which you can use for composting or landscaping mulch


How much does it cost to grind a stump?


We have a $95 minimum charge.

We charge $3.00 per inch, measured from the widest point on the ground level.


What areas do we service?


We service the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio Area. Including Anderson, Amelia, Milford, Loveland, Blue Ash, Mason, Hyde Park, Mt Washington, Deer Park and more.